Barkdust / Soil Amendments / Sand


Barkdust performs at least 3 basic functions:
1. Reduces soil water losses;
2. Suppresses weeds;
3. Protects against temperature extremes.

Barkdust, Soil Amendments, and Sand:  In one study comparing various mulch materials with bare soil, soil moisture percentages in mulched plots were approximately twice as high, summer soil temperatures were reduced by 8 to 13 degrees, and the average amount of time required to remove weeds was reduced by two-thirds. (Excerpts taken from Cornell University gardening resources.)

1.  Bright Fine Fir (Red, Fine Grade)
2.  Bright Hemlock (Red, Fine Grade)
3.  Dark Hemlock (Dark, Fine Grade)
4.  Pebble Bark (Small Fir Chips, Red Size 3/4″ – 1/2″)
5.  Nugget Bark (Medium Fir Chips, Red, Size 1″ – 2″)
6.  Cedar Chips (Size = 1″ – 3″ {Playgrounds & Dog Runs})

Soil Amendments
1.  Premium Garden Blend (Steer Compost, Sand, Peat Moss, Fine Bark Compost, & Chicken Manure)
2. Garden Blend (Chicken Compost, Fine Bark Compost, Dark Fir Bark, Sand, Screened Dirt)
3.  Fine Compost (Aged, Decomposed Fine Bark)
4.  Steer Compost (Aged, Screened Steer Manure)
5.  Screened Topsoil (Contains Some Grass) (Seasonal)

1.  Fill Sand
2.  Mason Sand
3.  Oregon Coast Beach Sand